Specialized Training

Personal trainer spotting woman with dumb bellsClient Evaluation
In order to design a health fitness program that fits your lifestyle needs and goals your trainer will need to obtain information from you and perform a few simple tests. We will then note your health/fitness goals, gather health and exercise history, take measurements, evaluate your current fitness level, and schedule an equipment orientation. Your trainer, when necessary may ask to consult with your physician.

Specialized Personal Training
The Studio’s expert team of personal trainers will create a customized fitness program for you to help you reach your fitness goal, whether it is to lose weight, increase stamina and metabolism, improve your diet or simply improve your overall health and fitness. The Studio offers one-on-one personal training in an energizing, motivating and pristine environment, using modern, top-of-the-line, results-proven equipment.

Our team of personal trainers use medicine balls, bands, sleds, agility ladders, BOSU balls, balance pads and discs, TRX suspension training and more than 2,500 lbs. of free weights to help you reach your fitness goal.

Fitness Packages
The Studio offers monthly packages for individual or buddy/partner sessions. This allows the client to train with a partner or work privately one on one with their trainer.